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Rent a boat in Ibiza - Discover coastal wonders

Explore Ibiza's coastal wonders by renting a boat or with our yacht rental. Create memories against a backdrop of stunning beaches and coves.

Sail Ibiza's Waters

Embark on unforgettable Ibiza boat adventures and discover the magic of the sea. Your perfect rent boat Ibiza is just a click away. 

Remember that you can also discover the beauty of Ibiza aboard a yacht. Book your experience, rent a boat or yacht today!

When you choose to rent a boat or yacht in Ibiza with EAST BOATS IBIZA, you not only get an exceptional vessel, but also access to an exciting variety of extras activities. These add-ons are designed to take you beyond a simple boat ride and immerse you in a world of water fun.


So elevate your Ibiza experience with our fun extras when you rent a boat. Imagine gliding underwater with a seabob, feeling the freedom to explore the ocean at your own pace. Or perhaps you prefer the serenity of paddle boards, where you can gently paddle while enjoying the beauty of Ibiza's coastline. For a bit more excitement, we have aqua scooters, that let you ride the waves on an underwater scooter.


At EAST BOATS IBIZA, we are dedicated to making your day on the water extraordinary. We are your partners in adventure!


What People Say About Us 

We rented the boat which you don't need a license. We were surprised about the service. Charly, who received us, was very helpful and spoke English very well. We happily recommend East Boats.

Jennifer Brown


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